He is a man of many talents: writer, photographer, painter, and concert promoter and booking agent for about a half  dozen bands. Ten years ago he started Cincy Groove- an online magazine tracking all things local and musical- and often- subjects beyond local.  He is also, I happen to know through personal experience, a hell of a nice guy.

And he can also throw a mean pot.  He learned pottery and painting while doing time in a small arts school in Scranton Pa. Of course, despite knowing Scott Preston for years, I knew virtually none of this until we sat down for brunch this past sunday morning for Jazz at Lydias.

Cincy Groove Music Festival - Celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of CincyGroove.com

It’s amazing what you can learn about someone once you’re outside of the  concert photography pit and able to engage in semi-normal conversation.

The most important thing I learned at brunch, however, was that Scott is about to throw a hell of a party- it’s a 10th year anniversary celebration for Cincinnati Groove- and all you need  to do to put a beautiful wrap on an ugly year is to make appearance this Saturday at the SGHR in Newport Ky.

You should especially plan on attending if you’ve got a thing for Americana. Some of the best bands and players in the city will  be there to burn until the wee hours of the morning. Happiness is guaranteed.