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Open Roads United is an experienced photography collective formed by principal photographers Michael Kearns and Matt Steffen.  We specialize in improving the visual aesthetic of organizations wanting to distinguish their stories and events from the competition.

Our dedicated team coordinates directly with organizational leadership, marketing professionals, and social media teams to craft a smart and effective body of work that blends seamlessly with the cultivated persona of your event, while reinforcing your brand by creating a memorable and instantly recognizable statement.

Whether it’s consulting as you create a festival from the ground up, or swooping in at the last minute to make your visual media problems disappear. Whether it’s one photographer, or an entire team, we will capture your event—beautifully.

Services for Hire

Visual Consulting

Organizational Image Development, Festival Branding, and Thematic Planning in an engaged and collaborative fashion.

ORU stands out because we are not just photographers; we are professionals who have been intimately involved in all stages of festival preparation, presentation, and operation. Our team includes not only photographers, but designers, event planners, business and legal experts, videographers, and post production wizards.

Full Service Photography

Comprehensive photographic services for festivals and other large-scale events.

ORU understands that successful festivals and events need to get target audiences off the couch and through the gates and retain a satisfied group of vendors and sponsors. We understand that capturing long beer lines is as important as shooting big headliners. Through beautiful documentation of your event, we can help to motivate and impress your clientele and to grow your organization.

Total Asset Management

Helping you build the most successful event possible by making your visual media problems disappear.

ORU will help you build the blueprint for the aesthetics of your event. We are involved from day one documenting the location for insurance purposes, covering your event, and feeding your social media channels throughout the festival to attract those patrons on the fence.

Whether it’s one photographer, or an entire team, we will capture your event—beautifully.


Our Clients Include: