This is not a belated best of collection for 2019.

Think, rather of these photos, as my attempt to document those few who refused to be victimized, refused to to give in to the darkness falling upon this land.

For there were those brave few who chose, while living in the darkness, to take make photos, to make music, to string words together like so many gleaming pearls; rather than be victimized.

There were those that did everything in there power to guard their children, to envelop them in love.


These photos are about those trying to use their talents to make a better world.

These are photos celebrating those who gave aid and comfort to the underground. Those who continued to give shelter, who continued to sing the songs, who continue to march.

Join them. Create, give comfort. Do anything possible to cast light upon this dark land.

Never forget that history will, one day very soon, take count of those who embraced darkness and those who fought.

I’ll be here continuing to document,  those who continue to stand on the right side of history.

Let’s make 2020 a beautiful year of light and peace.