The pandemic has the habit- from time to time- of turning my mind to jelly. Just the other day, for instance, I had this brilliant thought: one of the many cool things about cars is that they can take you in different directions at just the touch of a gearshift. See? Braindead.

This painfully obvious automotive observation came to me the other day as I was contemplating new post ideas; or to be more accurate, not contemplating new post ideas given that it’s damn hard to write and sho0ot about new places and people when one is trapped indoors; or to be exact, trapped within the same 10×12 room for months at a time.

Now, I’ve actually been pretty good about making use of my time- all things considered. One of the very large chores I just accomplished was to look through my collection of 90,00 photos and to boil them down to my highly subjective best 1000 shots. These photos were shot from 2005 when I first renewed my interest in photography, to the present.

Mustang rescue ranch, N.D.

Not only did I accomplish this herculean task, I also categorized many of these photos. In the process, I learned a lot about my photography and strengths and weaknesses as a photographer.  I have also, during the course of this task, learned a lot about myself and my values.

Having finished this chore, I’m now looking for new topics about which to write about and shoot. The problem being, however, is that Covid is going nowhere.

Which leaves three options, the first being I can bitch some more about Covid- and that’s a hard pass.

Secondly,  being, I can head out and ignore the pandemic- not a good idea, obviously. I’m not going to die now this late in the game with vaccines on the way.

Yellowstone, May 2019.

To be clear, I’m not willing to die for this site.

The third choice I’m is to head back into the past, relive what we’ve done to date and use what we learn as a springboard  for future adventures, once freedom finally does arrive.

So that’s what will do, look back at my subjective best in pieces which are heavy on photos and light on writing, because it’s January 2021 and who needs conflict, who needs to think? Just enjoy.

Silverback Gorilla, Cincinnati Zoo.

The first set up is called Critters. These are photos of creatures great and small. Now we’re not big on wildlife photography here at ORU. It’s takes serious cash (to buy huge lenses) and patience  to be a serious wildlife photographer and I find myself short on both these days.

However, it is true that we here at ORU do love to travel- when the world allows- and we love the great outdoors, so it is that creatures, on occasion, do find us. So here are critters great and small that I’ve met over the last fifteen or so years.