michael kearns

Writer, photographer, explorer.

I am a writer and photographer, before that a bit of everything. A potter, fiction writer, I played sports my whole life. Football and baseball growing up. Rugby-my personal heroin-later for many years. I wasn't any good at any of these, but I played with heart. I become a writer and photographer by default; I maintain those practices because they take me amazing places and let me collaborate with wonderful people-like Matt and Jacob. I've also been a very long time Zen student. Again, I'm not very good, but I sit with a lot of heart. I live in Milford, Ohio with my beloved Rebecca and I have three sons, an aged cat, a snarky Mountain Cur, an insane Boxer Pit Bull mix and a very chill and aged French Mastiff. Becky and I are also very involved with working with the mentally disabled. She is a long time special ed teacher and administrator. We have twins who are schizophrenic. My heart and soul live alternately in Paris and Taos; New Orleans and New York; Northern CA, and The Four Corner's region. The world's a ridiculously interesting and beautiful place, especially America; it shouldn't be reduced to sound bites.